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"Bubble User Kalifa! Nami Draws Near to the Soap's Trap"
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Episode Summary: Having taken three Rumble Balls, Chopper transforms into an oversized and purely instinct driven version of himself. Kumadori goes all out to defeat his enemy, but in the end cannot succeed. In Kalifa's room, Nami lies helplessly on the ground, watching her opponent casually bathing. Slowly, the strength returns to her limbs while Kalfi redresses. Shortly into their fight, Nami discovers the essence of Kalifa's new ability. Being a soap woman, she can create a foam that washes away anything, even a person's strength. Chopper goes on a rampage and, with Franky on his heels, climbs the tower's outside walls. Having crossed the underground passage, Luffy finally catches up to Lucci.

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