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"5 Namis? Counterattack with the Mirage!"
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Episode Summary: Lucci and Luffy begin their mutually anticipated duel, while Nami and Kalifa's fight enters the next phase. Both combatants have scouted out each other's abilities. Kalifa attempts to finish Nami off. Just then, Chopper, in his monstrous form, crushes through the wall and enters the fight. He does not recognize Nami, just as he did not recognize Franky. As he goes through the room, he rips out Kalifa's large bathing tub and throws it downstairs, where the immobilized Sanji is sitting. Nami is deeply worried about Chopper, but before she can help him, she has to finish her fight. The torn up water pipes sprinkling the room's air provide a possible advantage for her.

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