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"Hunter Sanji Appears? Elegy to the Lying Wolf"
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Episode Summary: Having pulled the once-again tiny, but now completely unconscious, Chopper out of the sea, Franky ponders on how he can cross the wild waters to reach the Bridge of Hesitation. Chimeney and Gonbe appear outside the secret passage and lead him to Kokoro and the underground tunnel. In the last remaining fight at the Tower of Justice, Zoro and Kaku exchange heavy blows, while Jyabura takes on Sogeking and Nami. The latter fight ends quickly, as Jyabura, holding the unmoving body of Sogeking, aims his killing blow. Just then, Sanji, freed from the influence of Kalifa's power by the water of the bathtub that Chopper had thrown downstairs earlier, steps in, taking his place in the fight.

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