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"Its Name is The New World! The Whereabouts of the Great Grand Line!"
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Episode Summary: Garp takes his leave to let Luffy alone with Coby and Helmeppo so that they can chat. Afterwards, Coby thanks Luffy and Zoro for the opportunity to meet them again and promises to become stronger, so he might one day capture them. Once he and Helmeppo depart, the Straw Hats start a party at the Galley-La's company pool. During that party, Aokiji approaches Robin while staying out of sight. He explains to her that Saulo was his best friend and that he had only let her go to honor his wishes. He admits that he had decided to put an end to Robin's existence, always on the run, and the danger it meant for the world, but that her and the Straw Hats' actions have shown him that she has found her place.

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