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"Goodbye my Lovable Followers! Franky Departs"
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Episode Summary: Luffy tells Franky that, if he wants his swimsuit back, he will have to join his crew. However, this does not persuade him. To weaken his resolve, Robin uses her ability to grab Franky's testicles and pulls on them. Iceburg tells him that he only wants to stay in Water 7 because he has not forgiven himself. Franky's followers bring him his luggage. He rejects it, telling them to stay out of his affairs. During this series of events, Franky cries, apparently from the pain inflicted by Robin, who had stopped some time ago. Sanji and Zoro arrive in a hurry, reporting that Garp has returned and is on his way to capture them. Luffy then returns the swimsuit to Franky, who subsequently agrees to join the crew.

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