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"Invisibility Connection? Sanji's Stolen Dream"
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Episode Summary: It looked like the end for Sanji as Absalom used his devil fruit ability, but Sanji comes back with his anger and starts beating Absalom to death, after revealing he always desired the See-through See-through Fruit the devil fruit which allowed Absalom to turn invisible. Meanwhile Luffy is still having trouble with Gecko Moria's Shadow the Doppleman who uses him to turn into bats, Luffy finally finds a way to attack Moria by using Gum Gum Stamp! The Hollow Hollow fruit user, Perona, is still being chased by Usopp who in turn is being chased by Bearsy, but Perona gets away. Usopp stops Bearsy and catches up to Perona who is floating in mid air out the window," she then calls herself the ""Ghost Princess"".

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