One Piece Episode 372 English Subbed

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"The Battle for Superiority Starts! Luffy vs. Luffy"
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Episode Summary: Zoro tries attacking Oars' arm again, but Oars knocks him out by kneeing him into a wall. Usopp shoots Brook's salt into Oars' mouth with Kuwagata, but Moria's shadow catches it and throws it out, breaking the bag and preventing them from using it again. Oars tries to stomp Usopp and Nami, but Nightmare Luffy arrives and gets them to safety in an instant. While the Rolling pirates take the unconscious Straw Hats to safety, Luffy begins attacking Oars, and with his shadows, is far stronger than his opponent. Moria attempts to escape, but Luffy punches him out with Gum Gum Pistol and sends Oars flying with Gum Gum Storm. The shadows leave Luffy's body, but he appears to have won.

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