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"Promise on a Day Long Ago – The Pirate's Song and a Tiny Whale"
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Episode Summary: Hogback and Absalom escape Thriller Bark with the unconscious Moria, and reveal that Blackbeard gained his status as a Shichibukai by defeating Ace. The next day, the Straw Hats celebrate their victory over Moria, but do not know why Zoro is so badly wounded. Sanji hears the story from the Risky Brothers, but prevents them from telling anyone else, saying it would trouble Luffy greatly to hear that Zoro suffered for his sake, but Robin eavesdrops on the conversation. Luffy tells Brook that Laboon is alive, and he is overjoyed to hear it, and begins to think about the time 50 years ago when he and his pirate crew first met Laboon.

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