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"The Power That Will Shorten One's Life! Energy Hormone, Redux!"
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Episode Summary: Ace thinks back to his childhood, when he fought with anyone who spoke ill of Roger, and wondering if he should ever have been born. In the present, he’s touched by everyone fighting for him and realizes that he wants to live. Buggy comes to after recovering from being frozen, and notices that Mr. 3 is gone. Whitebeard doubles over in pain while fighting Akainu, enabling Akainu to severely injure him and distracting Marco and Jozu long enough for them to be injured by Kizaru and Aokiji. Luffy asks for Ivankov to give him Tension Hormones to enable him to fight again and save Ace. Ivankov refuses, saying that it will likely kill him, but Luffy responds by saying that he would rather die than fail to save Ace, causing Ivankov to comply, restoring Luffy’s energy. Coby, despite being afraid earlier and Helmeppo's advice to stay out now that the Marines are almost certain to win, goes out to fight.

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