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"Freedom Taken Away! The Nobles' Plot Closing in on the Brothers!"
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Episode Summary: While gathering supplies in the Grey Terminal, Sabo, Luffy and Ace are captured by Bluejam's crew. Sabo's father scolds Ace and Luffy for their involvement with his son and takes him back to High Town. Bluejam takes Luffy and Ace to his hideout and forces the two to take supplies to the Grey Terminal. Meanwhile, at High Town, Sabo finds out about the nobles' plan to burn down Gray Terminal from his newly adopted brother Stelly. He also tells Sabo that a group of observers from the World Government will invade the Goa Kingdom in three days time. Sabo runs away to warn Luffy and Ace. The next day, the nobleman has his family search for Sabo. Sabo is told to keep the arson plan a secret, but runs back to Luffy and Ace.

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