One Punch Man Episode 1 English Subbed

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17 Responses to “One Punch Man Episode 1”

  1. jiro

    Sep 7th, 2015

    AAAAAWWW yeaaaa finaly ! :D

  2. @[email protected]

    Sep 7th, 2015

    that first purple guy…look like picollo version of purple xD

  3. klamens

    Sep 7th, 2015


  4. wla


    Sep 8th, 2015

    finally what i’m waiting for

  5. ppol

    Sep 8th, 2015

    wow this is indeed a parody, i just saw a whole bunch of dbz titan and bleach stuff to bad the badguys are all such retards and where are the other hero’s. are they just gonna pass out during every fight leaving it up to 1 hit man? it kinda beets the purpose of having a superhero system when most of those guys are’nt realy super but just asshats in spandecs

  6. animetwins

    Sep 8th, 2015

    Lol missing subs in the middle

  7. soltyray

    Sep 16th, 2015

    lol that dream

  8. Jimmykudo

    Nov 27th, 2015

    Cool series

  9. john

    Dec 16th, 2015

    sooo amazingggggg

  10. Sitrepgamer

    Feb 25th, 2016


  11. anima is cool

    Feb 29th, 2016


  12. zeek

    Apr 18th, 2016

    worst subtitles i have ever seen.

  13. prototype

    Jun 3rd, 2016


  14. i

    Jun 8th, 2016


  15. angel1367

    Jun 8th, 2016


  16. Temp

    Jul 3rd, 2016


  17. kiraakise

    Jul 23rd, 2016


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