Onee-chan ga Kita Episode 1 English Subbed

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12 Responses to “Onee-chan ga Kita Episode 1”

  1. lurkinggood

    Jan 9th, 2014

    Great! More incest.


  2. jscape

    Jan 9th, 2014

    if u dont like it then DONT COMMENT BRIGHT SPARK

  3. onii¬can

    Jan 9th, 2014

    what the fuck did i just see

  4. TheFoolyOne

    Jan 9th, 2014

    i like it even tho its just 3 mins wish it was longer

  5. Cell

    Jan 9th, 2014

    Hope this ends up getting commissioned and turned into a full 20 minute episode series.

  6. P.Rican414

    Jan 28th, 2014

    @Lurkinggood… Incest is if they are blood related… they are step siblings no blood relation.

  7. crnr


    Feb 5th, 2014

    why are the good ones always short >.<

  8. EricAvetow

    Feb 12th, 2014

    I can’t seem to download anything
    is this because I’m using a phone

  9. Ragingfox


    Feb 12th, 2014

    If you are using your phone (android) you should be able to download, at least I’m able to.

  10. xExorTx

    Mar 30th, 2014

    it is still incest though even if they are not blood related.

  11. Chevy

    Jul 25th, 2016

    This reminds me of KissxSis

  12. Chevy

    Jul 25th, 2016

    KissxSis is worse then this show.

    #Piss Girl

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