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Episode Summary: Anastasia reminisces about her first impressions of Akito. The gang returns from the woods without seeing any ghosts, but after Kaoruko and a litter of kittens turn up in the yard, the apparition of green flames sends everyone scurrying into Akito's room for cover. Things get even more complicated when Akito discovers that Arisa has slept on his lap in the nude. Akiko then apologises to Akito for having doubts as to whether he would come back for her after being separated. The credits roll with Akito explaining that he is not actually related to Akiko by blood, but that he prefers to keep that to himself since he believes that Akiko needs a brother to look up to.

11 Responses to “Onii-Ai Episode 12”

  1. KVN

    Dec 24th, 2012

    Was this the last episode or are there more episodes coming.

  2. MasterXemnas

    Dec 24th, 2012

    So is this the ending to the first season or just another badly organized episode? :/

  3. Sugoisan

    Dec 29th, 2012

    If that was the end… I can’t believe they would destroy such a good anime…


    Jan 3rd, 2013

    lol. its not the last season. there will be another one. since akito already said that they were not really related. the second season might be more intereseting. ;)

  5. lolishota

    Jan 10th, 2013

    waaaa??? done T_T
    but the 2nd season might be more goofy and more interesting… i hope there would be 1 though..

  6. tubers

    Feb 1st, 2013

    LOL They’re not related? Nice twist :D

    Hopefully the dude gets softer against the “sis’” attacks if there was to be any more new Season for the show.

  7. icebombmu

    Mar 18th, 2013


  8. Xkirito

    Mar 19th, 2013


  9. wootard

    May 15th, 2013


  10. crnr


    Jun 3rd, 2013

    HOLY shit this needs the S2 as a follow up story to what he just said >.<

  11. Bioshadow

    Mar 22nd, 2014

    It deffinetly seems like a cliff hanger quote for a season 2 which I bet you be interesting and the akito’s future wife sneaking into his bed and her be naked was a shock like: Dua?

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