Ookami Kakushi Episode 10 English Subbed

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"Hassaku Festival"

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Episode Summary: Hiroshi's father shows him the Counting Rhyme and speculates on the history of the Jōga wolves, while Isuzu, fully recovered, contemplates going to the Hassaku Festival and Nemuru learns of her uncle's murder. Kasai contacts Sakaki and they discuss Sakaki's "new plan", one that involves the Hassaku Festival. At the Hassaku festival, Kaname and Hiroshi discuss the revelations of Joga's secrets and Kaname explains the process of the festival to him. As the priestesses to the white wolf Kannon, Joga's deity, escort a shrine carrying a priestess representing Kannon herself, Hiroshi recognizes Kaori, his sister's former violin teacher, as one of the priestesses. As the festival commences, the girl Issei had kissed, released from prison by Sakaki, attacks under the influence of her curse and kisses a boy. She attacks Hiroshi, but Nemuru and her acolytes intervene and kill her. Sakaki arrives and exposes the secret of the Jōga wolves to the crowd. The resulting panic by the humans causes several Jōga wolves to turn on the crowd with the intention of infecting everyone. Kasai confronts Sakaki, and Sakaki professes his desire to entirely destroy Jōga by flooding the city and fatally stabs Kasai before proceeding to Joga's dam's control room. The Jōga wolves target Hiroshi and Kanade, but Nemuru and Isuzu intervene. Kasai manages to warn a Vigilance Committee member, telling him to only tell the Jōga wolves so as to eliminate the humans. The man decides to expose the danger to the entire crowd. After hearing this, Nemuru, her acolytes, Isuzu, Hiroshi, and Kaname rush to stop Sakaki before he destroys the city.

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