Ookami Kakushi Episode 12 English Subbed

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"Mysterious Tales of Jōga"

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Episode Summary: Six months after the Hassaku Festival, Hiroshi, Isuzu, Nemuru, and Kaname meet at Jōga's ice-cream parlour to discuss Kaname's idea for an Occult Research Club, much to Hiroshi's dismay. When Kaname comments on a strange rabbit-like doll, called Uraesu, on Nemuru's hand-bag, Hiroshi has a flash-back to an incident a few months prior when Nemuru arrived at his house with an Uraesu costume. She and Mana, both fans of the doll, discussed an imaginary home for Uraesu, with both having very different interpretations. Later, Nemuru prepares a spell to transport Mana to her nightmarish version of Uraesu's home, but Hiroshi is accidentally caught up in it and is attacked by a demonic version of Uraesu. In the present, Isuzu brings up another incident in which she and Kaname volunteered at a maid cafe to see the legendary "Phantom Waiter", set to appear on Jōga's TV station for an interview. Hiroshi was invited, only to first be attacked by a Fallen and then be dressed up as a maid by Isuzu. Nemuru arrives at the cafe shortly afterwards to see the interview, as do a pair of thugs. One of the thugs attempts to kiss Hiroshi, thinking him to be a woman and attracted by his scent as a Temptation, prompting Nemuru to attempt to change into her Hunter uniform in the middle of the cafe before being stopped by Isuzu and Kaname. Before things escalate any further, the "Phantom Waiter", revealed to be none other than Nemuru's father, arrives, takes her scythe from one of the acolytes, and scares the thugs away before collapsing from a strained hip, cancelling the interview. In the present, Hiroshi remembers his encounters with Nemuru and Isuzu and how they had changed towards him and each other.

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