Ookami Kakushi Episode 2 English Subbed

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"Brother, Sister"

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Episode Summary: Over breakfast Hiroshi's father discusses his research into a man-sized species of wolf believed to have inhabited Jōga in the past, and tells Hiroshi and Mana a local nursery rhyme about a demon that bites people at night to turn them into wolves. Hiroshi explains to Isuzu his concern over Ogasawara's sudden "transfer". Nemuru has a heated argument with Isuzu after school, but Isuzu later plays it off and tells Kaname and Hiroshi that she just wanted her to tell them about the upcoming Hassaku Festival. They run into Issei, Isuzu's older brother, who seems very interested in Hiroshi's family. While visiting Hiroshi's house, Issei proves popular with Hiroshi's father, helping him with his research, and with Mana, who develops a crush on him. Yet another person is killed by the girl with the scythe.

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