Ookami Kakushi Episode 4 English Subbed

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Episode Summary: Kanoko, a girl with glowing red eyes, kisses her boyfriend in an alley. The next morning, Kaname gives Hiroshi a tour of the library and shows him some of Jōga's legends, such as glowing red lights seen flickering in Old Jōga at night, supposed to bring bad luck to those who encounter them. Issei confronts Hiroshi and makes advances on him, but is stopped by Isuzu. While walking with Mana, Hiroshi notices that many people treat him with hostility, but is drawn to Kaori Mana, a woman playing the violin for a crowd of people. Kaori invites them in for tea and offers to teach Mana to play the violin. Issei is called out to the hospital to pick up medication, and picks up a female underclassman on his way home. She confesses her feelings to him, and he kicks her out of his vehicle. Sakaki meets with Kaori, who reminds him of his deceased girlfriend Mieko. Hiroshi goes to retrieve Mana's hat, but while returning sees Kanoko being chased and killed by the girl with the scythe. He runs for help and finds Sakaki, who reveals that a pack of murderers are roaming Jōga.

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