Ookami Kakushi Episode 5 English Subbed

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Episode Summary: Hiroshi revisits the murder scene he witnessed the previous day, remembering Sakaki's revelation about a group of murderers roaming the city. At school, he confronts Nemuru over her cold attitude towards him. Jōga's Vigilance Committee visits Isuzu's home and advises them to relocate until Issei recovers. Isuzu, concerned, talks to her brother, who reassures her that he is all right and apologizes for making her worry. Hiroshi talks to Kaname and tells her about the girl with the scythe, but she believes he is making it up. She then tells him of a legendary demon that sucks its victims' life force from their mouths at night. That evening, Isuzu discovers her brother has run away. Issei attacks Hiroshi, who remembers Kaname's legend and panics when he sees Issei's eyes are glowing red. He runs away, but Issei chases and catches him. Issei's female classmate shows up and he releases Hiroshi, who runs away, and kisses her. The Vigilance Committee arrives, detaining the girl, and Issei flees. He is chased by the cloaked figures and killed by the girl with the scythe. The next morning, Hiroshi is told that Issei transferred, but later in the day Isuzu confides that he was murdered.

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