Ookami Kakushi Episode 9 English Subbed

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"Secret Room"

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Episode Summary: Sakaki tosses Hiroshi a knife before locking up the shrine. Hiroshi pressures Nemuru for answers, and she explains Jōga's secrets to him and that he is a special type of human, called a "Temptation", that emits a scent Jōga wolves find irresistible. Meanwhile, Kasai persuades Nemuru's father to disown her and have her executed should she become a Fallen. Later, Kaname, worried that Hiroshi is missing, overhears a conversation between Kasai and a Vigilance Committee member and tells Hiroshi's father what she has learned. Kasai poisons Shigetsu, revealing he knew about the deal with Sakaki, and leaves. Before dying, Shigetsu calls Nemuru's father and tells him of Kasai's treachery, prompting him to launch a search for Hiroshi and Nemuru. Hiroshi, despite nightmares of Nemuru attacking him, frees her, and she struggles to control herself, attempting suicide only to be stopped by Hiroshi. She attacks him, but barely stops herself from kissing him and regains control of herself. Meeting up with Hiroshi's father and Kaname, Nemuru's father leads the search party to the shrine by following Hiroshi's scent and breaks down the door. In the hospital, Isuzu awakens.

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