OreImo 2 Episode 1 English Subbed

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"My Little Sister Can't Come Back Home Again"

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Episode Summary: While Kirino organizes things with school and friends following her return from America, Kyosuke grows concerned that she might start ignoring him again due to the way he forced her to come back. At the same time, he struggles to find the meaning behind the kiss Ruri gave him when he went to retrieve her. Later, Kirino once again calls upon Kyosuke for life consultation, having him take her to Akihabara to watch a trailer for the next Meruru season before engaging in a long-missed shopping expedition she spent the entire night planning. As thanks for his help, and to celebrate a year of life consultation, Kirino gives one of her eroge purchases to Kyosuke to play.

27 Responses to “OreImo 2 Episode 1”

  1. sandyhck


    Apr 6th, 2013

    been really looking forward to this one!

  2. AlchemyBlue


    Apr 6th, 2013


  3. SeoEPC

    Apr 6th, 2013

    Weird, I have comment now? ‘^’

  4. AnguisNox


    Apr 6th, 2013

    Finally… So happy to see this :D

  5. fritzce

    Apr 6th, 2013


  6. Bryann

    Apr 6th, 2013


  7. Geponeto


    Apr 6th, 2013

    A great anime for that i wait so long

  8. Gotro

    Apr 7th, 2013

    finally!!!!!! good first episode of second season!

  9. Frindlen

    Apr 7th, 2013


  10. icemake

    Apr 7th, 2013


  11. davidjack

    Apr 7th, 2013

    Oh Great!

  12. icemake

    Apr 7th, 2013

    dl plz

  13. Sugoisan

    Apr 7th, 2013

    Haha, this is one unforgettable anime. But there were a couple of flashbacks he had that I don’t remember being in the first season, anyone know what that was about??

  14. jastina

    Apr 7th, 2013


  15. taylor

    Apr 7th, 2013

    YAY Kuroneko is back!

  16. tubers

    Apr 7th, 2013

    can’t wait

  17. joshyhua

    Apr 7th, 2013


  18. TrollDxD


    Apr 7th, 2013


  19. Agent287

    Apr 8th, 2013

    @Sugoisan: Those flashback (except their childhood.) are from Oremo’s Alternate Episode (Episode 12.5 or something like that.).

    She’s back! Boy, I miss her a lot. hehehe

    At least the early flashback shows us the reason how they don’t get along in the first place. hehehe

  20. crnr


    Apr 8th, 2013

    hahahaha as expected making her brother something impossible again XD
    is their someone in the world that can clear a damn game in one night ???
    possible in the anime world

  21. RMonty

    Apr 19th, 2013


  22. oreimo

    Jun 5th, 2013


  23. oreimo

    Jun 5th, 2013


  24. eddy

    Jun 18th, 2013

    nice season

  25. lilhokie

    Jun 23rd, 2013


  26. Linh

    Jun 30th, 2013

    Great show…

  27. Xcaslis

    Jun 30th, 2016

    Any who hates the first season I hated it

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