OreImo 2 Episode 12 English Subbed

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"Total Angel Ayase-tan Can't Descend Upon My Place Where I Live Alone"

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Episode Summary: A party is held for Kyosuke at his new apartment and Kirino arrives there just to find Manami, and despite her animosity towards her brother's classmate, she decides to put it aside for his sake. Ayase, Ruri, Saori and Kanako also attend the party, but chaos ensues when they start arguing about who among them should take care of Kyosuke as he prepares himself for the mock exams and Kirino settles it by appointing Ayase to the task. The mock exams come and thanks to Ayase's support, Kyosuke manages to earn an A grade and the right to return home. As he is preparing to move back, Ayase confesses her feelings for him, but he politely declines, revealing that he is already in love with someone else. Instead of kicking him like she usually does, Ayase kisses Kyosuke on his cheek and bids farewell to him.

24 Responses to “OreImo 2 Episode 12”

  1. Cjabdo

    Jun 22nd, 2013

    download link onegai

  2. lurkinggood

    Jun 22nd, 2013

    That guy needs to leave town, now.

  3. lurkinggood

    Jun 22nd, 2013

    Damn. She was one of the good ones.

  4. lurkinggood

    Jun 22nd, 2013

    The incest crap is wearing me down. It’s making me despise Kirino.

  5. Ragingfox


    Jun 22nd, 2013

    Hell , even I am mad, and I knew it was coming >_>

  6. Cjabdo

    Jun 22nd, 2013

    Haters gonna hate

  7. Anemois

    Jun 22nd, 2013

    when the hell did this anime turned into a harem

  8. Cjabdo

    Jun 22nd, 2013


  9. AnimeLoverPatz

    Jun 22nd, 2013


  10. squallffx

    Jun 22nd, 2013


  11. corvera

    Jun 22nd, 2013


  12. yuzuru

    Jun 23rd, 2013


  13. BlackPanda

    Jun 23rd, 2013

    All of this are fighting but i don’t like the line “and i love all about you” ayase said and her voice isn’t too high :3 i wait for the next episode TEEHEE!

  14. SeoEPC

    Jun 23rd, 2013

    Downloading, thanks. =D

  15. kaos

    Jun 23rd, 2013


  16. Aismith

    Jun 23rd, 2013

    Whatever the reason is. I just love this anime. XD

  17. enagusteh

    Jun 23rd, 2013


  18. playtimekid


    Jun 23rd, 2013

    i don’t care about the fucked up comments you guys post all , the only thing that matters is that this anime is the best of all time

  19. GURUu

    Jun 23rd, 2013

    あやせたん最高!! T^T

  20. Agent287

    Jun 26th, 2013

    @playtimekid: I agree.

    Ouch! Heart break really breaks the heart. But I can’t wait for the next episode plus 4 more episode this coming August.

  21. zombie

    Jun 27th, 2013

    nice one playtimekid

  22. SykeAweTikk

    Mar 25th, 2014

    knew it. this will be a harem anime.

  23. crnr


    May 8th, 2014

    great more tsundere -_-
    another confession ? for real ?
    then again it can become a yandere if its her XD
    what next his childhood friend gonna do it to ?

  24. Xcaslis

    Jul 3rd, 2016


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