OreImo 2 Episode 13 English Subbed

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"Little Sisters Can't Fall in Love With Their Older Brothers!"

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Episode Summary: Kirino reminisces on her childhood, when she was very fond of Kyosuke and always looked up to him, until he stopped giving his all and adopted a more relaxed lifestyle. Blaming Manami for the sudden change in him, Kirino confronted her, asking her to give back the brother she loved so much, just to hear from her that the Kyosuke she envisioned never existed in the first place. To get back at Kyosuke, Kirino focused to improve herself and started avoiding him. Years later, she starts working as a model and befriends Ayase, but also develops her otaku hobbies, and becomes too ashamed to share them with anyone else. The issues she had with her secret were what somehow reapproached her with Kyosuke, who since then always stood by Kirino's side to support and protect her, even though she no longer sees him as the brother she once idolized.

18 Responses to “OreImo 2 Episode 13”

  1. Mecha

    Jun 29th, 2013

    We’d better get another episode because as finals go this would be 100% filler.

  2. Kyrie

    Jun 29th, 2013

    No there wont be any new episodes, technically, but there will be 3 OVAs that will end the story just like how the first season ended

  3. Cornerer

    Jun 29th, 2013

    fair enough. just plz don’t stop the story at this point

  4. Frindlen

    Jun 29th, 2013


  5. champ

    Jun 29th, 2013


  6. champ

    Jun 29th, 2013


  7. lurkinggood

    Jun 30th, 2013

    I don’t think this is filler. It actually provides every shred of information of what is going inside of her and why she’s “in love” with her brother.

  8. icemake

    Jun 30th, 2013

    there is a 3 final episode for oreimo(14~16) =)

  9. GURUu

    Jun 30th, 2013

    o~o aww~ need to wait for next season ….

  10. playtimekid


    Jun 30th, 2013

    just ….. moe !! :3

  11. Agent287

    Jul 1st, 2013

    That’s explain the story of her life.

    And I thought, it’s her feelings presently but turns out it’s her feelings on her past. hehehe

  12. TheFoolyOne

    Jul 2nd, 2013

    why does it have to end like this please give me another season

  13. lurkinggood

    Jul 3rd, 2013

    So the three OVAs are going to be simulcast at one event but released (separately) in August? I’m a little on the puzzled side, here.

  14. Jokerz

    Oct 11th, 2013

    To all of u who liked this anime don’t watch the last 3 ovas for the love of god don’t it will ruin the hole anime for u.

  15. jeric

    Feb 19th, 2014

    i though so this anime has some questions unanswered i shall recommend you as the OVA as true route
    i disagree w/ joker

  16. crnr


    May 8th, 2014

    =w= how cute
    So that’s the reason why her attitude become like that
    talk about ways to find a hobby XD
    she reminds me of when I first learned about anime an VN XD
    good thing I didn’t go the path she took
    that’s it ?
    can’t believe they still left questions hanging

  17. crnr


    May 8th, 2014

    To those who are seeking to see kuronekoxkyoske DON’T watch the next few episodes, but if your the type to see things through the end even though u might not want to see what happens next.
    its a bit too late though XD

  18. crnr


    May 8th, 2014

    seriously the ending might REALLY DISSAPOINT you

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