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"I Can't Confess to Her"

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Episode Summary: As Christmas Day draws near, Kyosuke meets with Ruri on a rainy night and rejects her after confessing his love for another girl. The next day, Kyosuke tempts Kirino out to a Christmas date in Akihabara. As their date draws to a close that night, Kirino reveals her intention of going abroad once more. This prompts Kyosuke to tell her he has fallen in love with a girl, but this upsets Kirino and causes her to run off. Kyosuke gives chase but quickly loses sight of her when at that moment Kaori, Saori and Ruri show up in a minivan; Saori apologizes for stalking their date. As the group gives chase to Kirino, Saori also reveals her and Kaori's repaired relationship. Kyosuke jumps out of the van upon spotting Kirino and begins proclaiming his love for her. As Kirino starts rebuffing Kyosuke's strange words, his true feelings are revealed when Ruri blares Kyosuke's love confession to Kirino from speakers at the back of Kaori's minivan, which she had secretly recorded during their breakup. Kyosuke publicly confirms his own words, and asks Kirino to stay in Japan and marry him, which Kirino tearfully accepts.

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    no, no, no, no, no, no, NO! why? I really loved this anime, but they just ruined it. were they trying to force a quick ending?

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    Was a bit sad cuz the guy didn’t end up screwing his sister, just like in “I Love My Younger Sister”… but I guess I could relive the moments in fakku.net where his sister was screwed countless times by him haha Anyway, as for the people who opposed the content or the moral of the anime, keep in mind that this is just an anime. If this really happened in real life, then you can reprimand the couple or perhaps stone them to death if you want. However, this is just a freaking anime and let me remind you that if you have empathy for 2D anime characters, it’s not healthy for you mentally… It’s better just to accept it as a creation of the mangaka or the creator. Incest is WINCEST, like they say, enjoy the ride and forget about reality once in a while, don’t get caught up in the limbo or something… So get detached from the characters, watching Netorare (NTR) contented animes or mangas helps to rip apart all the empathy that you felt for the 2D anime characters =)

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