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"Hollow Touch"
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Episode Summary: As Zakuro tries to escape, she finds her mother and once touching her sees into her memories. Back at the Ministry of Spirit Affairs, Kushimatsu tells the other representatives the truth about Zakuro and the Village of Oracles. In the past, Zakuro's mother; Tsukuhane, was wed to the chief of the Village of Oracles, who sought her for her powers. Soon, after she gives birth to a heir(Omodaka), she meets a human named Enaga, and fell in love with him. She attempts to escape from the village, but Enaga catches up to her and tells her that he will come with her. Unfortunately, they are caught, and Enaga is killed, but before he dies, Tsukuhane tells him she's carrying their child(Zakuro). It is revealed that Omodaka was the one who told the Chief what happened between his mother and Enaga. Tsukuhane is put though a fox spirit ritual to turn her unborn child into a half spirit. When the child is born, they realize it has incredible powers. Tsukuhane is fearful that the Village will use her child for their own gain, so she escapes with the help of Kushimatsu. Back in the present, Kushimatsu explains that the pendant Zakuro's mother had given to her acts as a seal to keep her powers restrained and to keep the Village of Oracles from finding her. Agemaki vows that he and the others will rescue Zakuro.

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