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"Onward Together"
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Episode Summary: Zakuro asks Kushimatsu about her mother but ends up being said that she will not know about her mother until the right time. While Susukihotaru was telling Agemaki about how Zakuro and the others met and how she looked at them when they first met. After that Agemaki asked if he could go to her room so she thought that it was just look at a girl's room but is actually to get the kite stuck on the tree near her room but he could not reach it. Then Zakuro asked why he did not climb the tree so he tells her that his afraid of heights and so she is the one who climbed up the tree, after she got the kite she suddenly heard her mother's voice and climbed higher until she fell and broke her pendant that her mother gave her and so Agemaki fixed it and put it on her while touching the pendant while Susukihotaru was shocked because no one but Zakuro has touched her pendant.

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