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"Starting Today, You Are a Host!"
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Episode Summary: Scholarship student Haruhi Fujioka arrives at the elite private school Ouran Academy where she is mistaken for a boy due to her male appearance and personality. Haruhi stumbles upon the host club, in abandoned "Music Room 3", while looking for a quiet place to study and, while trying to escape, accidentally breaks a vase costing eight million yen. To pay off the debt, Haruhi is forced to become a host and obtain one hundred "requests" from customers. One by one, the other host members come to realize Haruhi's true gender except for Tamaki Suou. Haruhi later gets into a fight with Ayanokoji, one of Tamaki's jealous customers, changing her quota to one thousand customers. The fight is broken up when Haruhi and Ayanokoji are doused with water, requiring Haruhi to change into a dry girl's, uniform. At this point, Tamaki walks in on her while she is only partially dressed, discovering her to be a girl.

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