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"Big Brother is a Prince!"
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Episode Summary: A small girl, Kirimi Nekozawa, wonders into Ouran Academy searching for her brother who attends the school. Her brother is Umehito Nekozawa. She chances upon the Host Club, and tells them her story. Tamaki enlists the help of Renge in teaching Nekozawa to become the princely figure his little sister is convinced he is. She lives her life waiting for her princely brother to save her from the monster in her house, who is actually Nekozawa in his cloak and wig, having to cover his skin and hair due to photophobia and his sensitivity to light. Tamaki and Renge help him to learn to act princely and to avoid occult references, and help him face his photophobia, convincing him that it is just psychological. Eventually this leads to him saving Kirimi from a large, unfriendly cat, since she has ailurophobia, the fear of cats. This convinces her of his bravery, despite the wig and cloak that he wears. Despite him overcoming his photophobia, he still succumbs to his sensitivity to it and collapses afterwards. This makes the host club believe that they were wasting their time, but in reality, Kirimi appears to be able to accept Nekozawa, even in his cloak and wig.

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