Overlord Episode 1 English Subbed

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12 Responses to “Overlord Episode 1”

  1. inforoster

    Jul 7th, 2015

    Yes!!! It’s here!!!!! Hype

  2. PlainGood

    Jul 7th, 2015

    srsly it’s released?! no way?!!! XD gonna watch it! yup!

  3. inforoster

    Jul 7th, 2015

    I got the same reaction when i saw this

  4. PlainGood

    Jul 7th, 2015

    haha^ xD great for us that it released finished watching it o/

  5. klamens

    Jul 7th, 2015


  6. ppol

    Jul 7th, 2015


  7. PlainGood

    Jul 7th, 2015

    IKR?! XD can’t wait for more~

  8. 12345

    Dec 7th, 2015


  9. jinxmiistx

    Dec 17th, 2015


  10. demiurge-ishida

    Jan 18th, 2016

    This show is awesome!

  11. toddster

    Aug 23rd, 2016

    love this show

  12. destrow

    Nov 6th, 2016

    if you are new to this anime and curios as to how good it is, I defiantly recommend it this is a jewel that is worthy of all the praise it has received

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