Overlord Episode 13 English Subbed

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7 Responses to “Overlord Episode 13”

  1. SetsunaFSeiei

    Sep 29th, 2015


  2. BlackSwordsman

    Sep 29th, 2015

    Wait WUUUT ITS 13 episodes? Wow 2015 animes are 1 episode more than average 2013-2014 episodes of animes.

  3. Nyx

    Sep 29th, 2015

    Is there a episode 14?

  4. ppol

    Sep 29th, 2015

    yes he’s going to war, i love it. i just hope we will get to see more of this because its good

  5. GURUu

    Sep 30th, 2015

    bad-as.s :D I want more, guess i might go for manga if it has more?

  6. demiurge-ishida

    Oct 2nd, 2015

    This is one of the best anime out this season, cant wait till they make part 2

  7. muriyaki

    Jan 8th, 2016

    good anime tho i just feel annoyed that hes to OP lol like i play mmorpgs i wish a game like this is real tho the show reminds me alittle on log horizon hope he bumps into other players who stood by

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