Pandora Hearts Episode 16 English Subbed

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"His Name is..."

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Episode Summary: Oz and Alice, in her B.Rabbit form, are in the middle of a Pandora meeting. Everyone there thinks that they mean to harm the four dukes and chase them. While they are being chased, we discover that Break and Gil got back safely by using Gil's chain, Raven. But, because he used it, the seal on Alice was broken and that is why she is in her B.Rabbit form. Later, when Oz and Alice are cornered, Jack Vessalius takes over Oz's body, and speaks to Pandora, saying that Glen Baskerville is not dead, and that Oz is the key to saving them from the repeat of the Tragedy of Sabrie. It ends with Oz telling Break what he had seen in Cheshire's realm, including Vincent, making Break suspicious.

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