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"Hello My Sister!"

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Episode Summary: Break goes to save the kidnapped Sharon from Vincent, but in doing so, he has to destroy Cheshire's bell (the truth of the Tragedy of Sabrie). Vincent poisoned her as well so Break would have to do what he wanted quickly. He holds the antidote over the edge of his balcony, calling Break a fool, but as it falls, Echo saves the it. Meanwhile, Oz learns about Break's past, and how the Rainsworths found him at the Abyss' door and his acceptance. Later, Oscar receives a letter from Ada from Latowidge, her private academy, indicating that she has a crush on someone. In order to find out who that is, Oscar makes them sneak into the school. They find her, but their meeting (Oz and Ada) was awkward as both didn't know whether the other would remember them or accept how they are now. Though they were able to happily reunite eventually. Oscar then questions her about the letter, which leads Ada to reveal that she gave Gil his hat. Oz chases after Gil, thinking he is her love interest, but soon, he and Ada get lost. Oz runs down a hallway after he hears the melody from his pocket watch being played.

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  1. Momo

    Aug 17th, 2012

    Haha when he first read the note i was thinking what if its Gilbert xP

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