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Episode Summary: After Oz, Eliot, Leo and Ada make it out of the secret tunnel at Latowidge Academy Oz remembers to ask about the melody he heard Eliot playing earlier, entitled "Lacie". Eliot claims to have written it, then asks Oz his name. Gilbert appears and Oz starts to kick him. Eliot then attacks Gilbert, much to Oz and Gil's surprise, telling him he should be ashamed of wearing a high school uniform at the age of 24. Gil reveals Oz's name when Eliot threatens Oz, and Eliot doesn't believe him. Back with Sharon and Break, Oz and Gil seem to be angry and depressed, while Alice is eating by herself. Sharon beats Break and Emily with a paper fan repeatedly and helps Alice with her emotions. Oscar enters with wine and everyone except Oz and Break get drunk. then gilbert starts yelling at the vase and the serving maid.

6 Responses to “Pandora Hearts Episode 20”

  1. Momo

    Aug 18th, 2012

    Amazing episode! :’) When everybuddy found out about Alice and Oz’s kiss lol and then Gilbert gets slamed by the door!! xP haha funny and then Gil and Alice drunk fighting over Oz =P

    And Alice getting naked infront of Oz =P lucky Oz! x3
    And Gilbert drunk and crying calling him young master! :’)

    Wonderful episode!! ^.^

  2. sao


    Jun 25th, 2013

    Gilbert is such an adorable drunk. Kind of expected it, Oz you sure have a high alcohol tolerance O.O

  3. Haruka

    May 25th, 2014

    OMG!!! I love oz! Alice go away he belongs to me!!!!

  4. Oz Bezarius

    Aug 19th, 2014

    V….hahahahaha I Love it

  5. Chevy

    Oct 1st, 2016

    What I like to know is how are all of these characters still alive and looking so young even though they were alive for over 100 years

  6. Chevy

    Oct 1st, 2016

    Unless they originally came from the abyss

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