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"Snow White Chaos"

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Episode Summary: Oz and co. go to meet Rufus Barma in order to find out more about the Tragedy of Sabrie. He appears as a tubby old man. He refuses to tell them anything unless they exchange some information that he doesn't know and taunts Oz and Alice. Break then dispels Barma's illusions and confronts the real Rufus Barma revealing his real intention of finding out more about Break's past. Break then collapses after Rufus calls him out as Kevin Regnard, a person who murdered over 116 people 50 years ago and had previously made an illegal contract. We then find out about Break's past where he meets the "Will of the Abyss" and he has his eye taken out by her, which she gives to Cheshire. We then see young Vincent enter through the gateway to the abyss when the tragedy of Sabrie occurs.

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