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"Countervalue of Loss"

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Episode Summary: Why would Vincent kill Alice's cat Cheshire and then kill her? As Break, also known as Keven Regnard, wakes from his fainting spell, he tells Rufus Barma, Oz and co. all he knows. In the Will of the Abyss's room, Vincent shows up along with Gilbert in his arms. After Vincent collapses, Will of the Abyss starts yelling at him about how he should be dead, then starts to cry. She looks at Break and asks who he is, then screams that it's teatime. She says she can't wait for her playdate with Jack, and Vincent tells her that Jack is dead. He blames Sabrie, Jack's death, and he and Gil ending up in the Abyss on her. She has a breakdown and her whole room/dimension starts falling apart. Vince welcomes it with laughter, saying he'd be normal if everything broke. At the last minute, Break promises her anything if she'll just make it so his past was changed. She hears his cry and grants his wish. Suddenly, the scene flashes to Jack's memory, saying that Alice would switch her tastes constantly as if she were a different person. Alice says that her twin sister is the Will of the Abyss. After obtaining this information, Lord Barma wants to take Alice and Break into custody, but Oz won't let him. The group goes back to the mansion and on the way, Break tells the rest of his past. The family he served lived for a time, but later was killed. He says he hates the Will of the Abyss on false terms because she granted his wish.

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    Good episode! :D

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    The best episode of PH!!! I love Break so much *-*

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