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"A Warp in the World"

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Episode Summary: Oz, Alice, and Gil have been seeking chains for memory fragments for a while now with no success. Ada visits Oz during her holiday break and finds dozens of Pandora guards escorting him; Jack had ordered for Oz's protection when he last appeared (Episode 16). Oscar sees Ada making eyes at Gil and drags him off. Break directs the guards to another task, since he doesn't like being watched. Sharon believes that if the Baskervilles wanted Oz dead, they would have taken care of him already. Gil visits Vincent to ask about Sabrie, but Vincent denies remembering anything. Independent of Gil, Oz and Alice also try to see Vincent but are immediately turned away by Echo. Vincent tells Echo that no one needs to know what happened. To find more clues, Oz and co. visit the mansion where his coming of age ceremony was interrupted. He reenacts the ceremony in the hopes of discovering something. Trump cards appear and attack Alice, who defeats them. The city of Reveille is on fire.

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