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Episode Summary: The group hurries to the burning city, where a large-scale Chain attack is taking place. Gil thinks the Baskervilles are to blame for the Chains coming loose, but Alice tells them the Will of the Abyss is calling out, which is upsetting the balance of the Abyss. Gil unleashes Alice's B. Rabbit powers and each of them joins the fight. Oz saves a boy from a burning building and as the building falls to the ground, Alice saves them and the boy is returned to his mother. Oz collapses and Alice reverts to her other form since she had used too much power. Break says it's time to get serious and takes out his Mad Hatter, which causes the Chains in the area to crumble away. After every Chain is gone, Break falls to the ground. While Oz and Alice sit in an abandoned house and talk, a Chain erupts from the floor. Alice and Oz run away and bump into the Baskervilles, who help them destroy the Chain. When asked why, the Baskervilles claimed to be under orders, and said they would need Oz's power. Many more Chains appear and are killed by the Chains of Pandora, which finally come. The reinforcements are soon killed by one giant Chain. B. Rabbit faces the Chain but is unable to defeat it, and in the end the Chain turns to stone and Oz and Alice see one of Alice's memories.

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