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Episode Summary: Oz wakes up to see Raven, Sharon and Break. Upon seeing Raven, Oz calls him Gil. Raven's appearance is similar to those of Gilbert - having black hair, and golden eyes. Break explains to Oz about Pandora(an organization who's objective is to find out anything they can about the Abyss), the residents of Baskerville (their enemies), and their main goal. Alice then possesses Oz and takes Sharon hostage in order to escape, but Break stops her by forcing her from Oz's body. After her release from Oz, Break exclaims that he will have to kill Alice. Oz forbids it, saying that Alice is not an enemy, for it was through her that he escaped the horrible Abyss. But, that it is Break who is an enemy - someone who Oz had only seen once and was now attacking his friend. Break back's down, and blames the attack on Emily, his puppet. Oz's pocket watch then starts to act strangely. Raven comments that the door to the Abyss had opened and a chain escaped. By using Raven's chain's powers, Raven was able to control the B-Rabbit's powers from within Oz. With this power, Alice was could release her full form and defeat the chain. After the door was closed, Alice found out why it had reacted to her. The music lured her to the watch because it contained one of her memory shards. Oz then remembered that a man from another one of his visions had told him about Alice.

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