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"Clockwise Doom."

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Episode Summary: Break gives Oz, Alice, and Raven their first mission. They are sent to a nearby town in search of an illegal contractor, someone who makes a contract with a chain without the permission of Pandora. While there, Alice goes missing and Raven goes to look for her. Alone, Oz sees a young girl selling flowers. When the trio have dinner, Oz realizes Raven's other personality, which reminds him of Gil (especially the black hair and golden eyes). Raven then informs Oz of why people become illegal contractors - to change the past. As Alice falls asleep, Raven and Oz leave to finish their mission. Meanwhile, Sharon and Break are discussing the mission and how they had kept some information secret. Alice is soon awakened by an attack by a chain, whose contractor turns out to be the girl that was selling flowers. As Raven shoots the chain, the girl's clock seal makes a full rotation. She gets drawn into the Abyss, screaming. Oz tries to save her, but is restrained by Raven, to stop him from being dragged down into the Abyss again. On the ride home, Raven informs them that the only way to stop Oz from being dragged into the Abyss when his clock makes a full rotation is to kill Alice, which initiates an argument between Alice and Raven. The episode ends with a death god laughing inside the Vessalius mansion.

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