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Episode Summary: Oz wakes up in Gilbert's house, and ponders on the questions the Will of the Abyss had asked him earlier. Break then enters the house, and talks to Oz and Alice regarding the topic of chains, and why he and Sharon had not aged. Thus, Oz realizes that as an illegal contractor, his clock had already begun moving. Break then comments that although he can see Oz, he cannot 'see' his presence. This had annoyed Oz. A girl comes into the house and drops a letter in the name of Vincent. Later, Gilbert takes Oz and Alice outside, where her crave for meat starts. Oz stays back to wait for them to buy food. Meanwhile Alice wonders what 'parents' mean and decides to ask Oz, only to be stopped by Gil. He tells her the reason that Oz is sensitive to the topic, and why he acts in such a self-harming way. At the same time, Oz sees a group of boys bullying a child, and saves him. They begin to talk.

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  1. Momo

    Aug 14th, 2012

    You know Alice can be really cute at times =P

  2. muriyaki

    Jun 5th, 2013

    you that alice has a wied twistin ever anime they make her in amazing is in it

  3. muriyaki

    Jun 5th, 2013

    you know that rite

  4. Oatsandtoast

    Nov 21st, 2015

    “If you don’t tell me I’ll have to poke you in the armpit”~ Oz

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