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Episode Summary: Oz saves a boy named Phillip, a kid from a noble family that just became poor. A flashback came to Oz when Philip asked about Oz's parents. 10 years ago, young Gilbert was about to ask why Oz's father wouldn't talk to him. He responded that Oz is too filthy and unfit to be his son. After three days in the dungeon, Gil apologizes to Oz for interfering in his life, but Oz says that it doesn't matter and accepts the fact that his father just hates him. After the flashback, the girl who brought the flowers, named Echo, comes to take Philip as a hostage, whose father is revealed to have become an illegal contractor. Pandora member, Reim (Liam), explains that Grim escaped their grasp unharmed, which is distressing. While Echo chases after Phillip and Oz chases her, Gil and Alice look for a chain that Alice has sensed. Since it is no use for Phillip to be a hostage, Echo goes after the chain. She is injured in the process, but Vincent comes along and holds her back. He tells her to just watch. Gil then releases Alice's powers, but Oz wants to stop her from killing Phillip's father. In his mind, the man from his vision tells him that he can hold her back.

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