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Episode Summary: An Internet suicide pact meet each other for the first time in attempt to come up with ways to commit suicide but hope to see Lil Slugger. There are three members- Fuyubachi, an old man; 'Zebra', a young man; and a little girl called Kamome-kun. The two men are shocked at her age and try to run away from her. She finds them in a house trying to gas themselves with Carbon Monoxide but the house is suddenly demolished. Then they try to jump in front of an underground train but someone else does it first and that puts them off. *Afterward, Zebra sees the spirit of the man who jumped in front of the train walk away from the accident into the crowd of people on the platform. Finally, the three members try hanging themselves from a tree on a mountainside; but it snaps. The men fall down a slope and get separated from Kamome-kun, but then decide to go back to her because they fear she will get lost in the forest if she's left alone. At a bathhouse, the three try to sleep when they see a silhouette of Lil' Slugger. Delighted, Kamome-kun and Zebra run at him with open arms with Fuyubachi trailing behind, but Lil' Slugger flees the building. At the end of the episode, Fuyubachi notices that the three of them don't have shadows when a man walks between them without noticing it (And indeed, they do not have shadows throughout the episode, although the two men do seem to cast shadows in the very early part of the episode, indicating their very first suicide effort may have been effective). While singing and skipping hand in hand in the last scene, the three members stop behind a group of girls getting their picture taken by another girl with a digital camera. When the girls check to see how their picture turned out, they are shocked and frightened by what they see in the picture (which is not shown to the audience).*

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