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"You're myself, I'm yourself"

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Episode Summary: April 11th, 2011. The episode starts with the main character, Yu Narukami, awakening within the Velvet Room, which is currently shaped as the inside of a limousine moving through a dense fog. He is introduced to the room's residents, Igor and Margaret. Igor uses Persona cards to read Yu's future, saying that "a great mystery will soon be imposed upon you", before bidding him farewell. Yu then wakes up on the train from Tokyo to Inaba (a result of his parents' jobs abroad). Yu later arrives in Inaba to live with his uncle, Ryotaro Dojima, and his daughter Nanako. After shaking hands with the gas station attendant he meets on the way to Dojima's house, Yu experiances sudden vertigo, which passes quickly. On the day he starts out at Yasogami High School (4/12), he meets Chie Satonaka and Yukiko Amagi. While homeroom with their foul-mouthed teacher, Mr. Morooka (a.k.a. King Moron/Morokin) begins, third-year student Saki Konishi, who was cutting class, witnesses the body of Mayumi Yamano, a TV announcer, hanging from a roof antenna. The next day (4/13), Yu helps out and befriends Yosuke Hanamura, a student seen on the first day of school returning a (broken) DVD to Chie. When Yosuke offers to treat Yu to beefsteak, Chie barges into the offer, as Yosuke owes her for breaking the DVD. While at the Junes department store, Yu hears from Chie about the Midnight Channel, a "TV program" that can be seen on rainy midnights. They all try to watch the channel that night, when Yu spots Saki on the television. He then hears a strange voice that causes him to experience more vertigo, much more painful than before. As Yu tries to grab his TV set for support, his hand passes through the screen, and he nearly gets sucked in. He manages to push himself out (thanks to his TV set's small screen), and he tries to grasp what had just happened. April 14th. Yu tells the others what had happened last night; however, Yosuke and Chie don't believe him at all. Later, the trio visit Junes' electronics section to "try it out" with a larger TV set, on Chie's suggestion. Yu does try it again (to both Yosuke and Chie's astonishment), sticking his hand through the large TV screen, and all three fall in and enter a realm shrouded in fog. There, they encounter a strange bear named Teddie who gives Yu a pair of glasses that allow him to see clearly through the fog. Suddenly, a trio of monsters known as Shadows appear. During the chase, Chie falls unconscious from being struck by a Shadow's attack. Just as the group are pinned down, Yu feels a strange power within himself. He hears the voice again, and summons forth his Persona - Izanagi of the Fool Arcana - for the first time to defeat the Shadows.

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