Persona 4 The Animation Episode 12 English Subbed

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"It's Not Empty At All"

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Episode Summary: The Investigation Team enters the TV world to find Mitsuo Kubo in the video game-like Void Quest. While Teddie deals with Shadows with his Persona, the gang discusses how they believe Kubo is the culprit behind the murders and how Rise, Kanji, and Yukiko have all been affected by him before they were thrown into the TV world. By the time they track down Mitsuo Kubo, they see him arguing with is other self over the murders, as his original self claims he is empty. Once Kubo refuses his other self, it begins to transform into its Shadow form. Suddenly, the investigation team is out of the TV world and are planning a party to celebrate the solving of the murders. As time progresses forward through the months, the group starts falling apart, culminating on a rainy day late in November when Yu asks Yosuke if he would like to go to see Teddie, but Yosuke declines. That night, Yu tries to watch the Midnight Channel, but nothing comes on and he cannot even put his hand into the TV. He hears a voice, and discovers that Mitsuo Kubo's Shadow is in his room. He attempts to summon a Persona, but nothing works, as Mitsuo's Shadow taunts him that his bonds are empty. He starts to give up hope when the Shadow strangles him until he hears Yosuke's voice and he is pulled out of the illusion the Shadow created. Reunited with his friends in reality, Yu summons all of the Personae he has acquired through his time in Inaba, including new the Personae Makami, King Frost, High Pixie, and Leanan Sidhe. When the Shadow is defeated, they confront Mitsuo who admits he is behind the three murders, and they are surprised when his Shadow disappears instead of turning into a Persona. As in the illusion, Yu proposes that the gang have a celebratory party for Kubo's arrest. This time after the party, Nanako and Teddie make a promise that he will come over to play with her, and Yosuke tells Yu about the shopping district's summer festival.

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