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"Anniversary to Become a Family"
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Episode Summary: In the Velvet Room, Margaret congratulates their guest for obtaining the Fortune Arcana.[29] She then states that only another heart can bond with another heart, before proposing a toast between herself and Yu Narukami. Adachi urgently calls Dojima regarding a hit-and-run accident which severely injures a woman that occurred at the Samegawa flood plains. The next day, Yu finds a photo with Dojima and his late wife with Nanako, and Nanako explains to Yu that her mother had died in a car accident of a similar case. At Junes, Yu studies for the midterms with his friends, while Teddie spends time with Nanako. At night, Nanako, holding a school form, suddenly gets a stomachache, while at the same time Dojima receives a call from Adachi about a sealed letter for him from someone named Ichihara. Dojima immediately heads out, leaving Yu to care for Nanako, who explains that the school form was actually to invite parents to a class observation. Yu goes to the police station the next day to give Dojima the school form. They go to the Chinese Diner Aiya, where Dojima explains that his superior Ichihara gave him information about the recent hit-and-run. Dojima also reveals that his wife Chisato died in a similar accident while on the way to pick Nanako up from preschool. That night, after Yu gives Nanako her family photo in a frame, Nanako says that she hopes to reunite with her mother in Heaven. The next day, Yu asks Naoto if she can find out anything about Chisato's death, but the case was left unsolved due to the lack of evidence. When Dojima comes home, Nanako is upset by the fact that he may not be unable to come to the class observation, since he is too caught up in his work. Yu tells Dojima that he should spend more time with his daughter instead of constantly trying to solve the hit-and-run. Nanako overhears about this, and she runs out of the house when Dojima tells her that the case is none of her concern. Yu and Dojima go out looking for her with no luck, but they realize that she must be at the Samegawa flood plains, being reminded of where Chisato had died. When they find her, Dojima apologizes and promises he will spend more time with her. The following day, they celebrate the three of them becoming a family, and Dojima says he will go to her class observation.

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