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"The Contractor's key"

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Episode Summary: April 14th. After bringing Chie back around, Yu and the others return to the location they first came to upon entering the strange "Midnight Channel". With Teddie's help, the trio manages to escape and return to their world. The next day (4/15), after Chie's friend, Yukiko Amagi, is approached by a strange boy, the school, including a speechless Yosuke, learns that Saki had been found dead in the same manner as that of Ms. Yamano. Yosuke theorizes that their deaths may be linked to the Midnight Channel and the Midnight Channel, on account of faceless posters of Misuzu Hiiragi they found during their first visit to the other side. Against a reluctant Chie's objections, he and Yu return to the Midnight Channel to investigate; there, they convince Teddie that they are not responsible for throwing people (namely, Ms. Yamano and Saki) inside his realm, who later were attacked and killed by their own Shadows. Yu promises to Teddie that they will stop the culprit; Yosuke agrees, but only on the condition that Teddie helps them out. As they explore, they come across a replica of Inaba's shopping district, and Teddie directs them to a building that Yosuke recognizes as Saki's house, Konishi Liquors. Yosuke enters the shop when he hears voices talking about Saki "betraying" her family by taking a part-time job at Junes. Once inside, Yosuke also hears Saki's true thoughts about him, saying that he was "a pain in the ass", and that she was "only nice to him because he was the manager's son. It's annoying how he'd take it the wrong way and get all worked up." Suddenly, an "evil" version of Yosuke appears, who represents his boredom of the countryside compared to the city; Yosuke angrily denies this, which causes the Shadow to turn into a frog-like monster with a humanoid torso, which attacks. As Yosuke remains in denial that the Shadow was a part of him, Yu sends Izanagi into battle, cumulating to a point where Yu accidentally punches Yosuke, so that Izanagi would do the same to Yosuke's Shadow. Yu reminds him that it only matters that Yosuke liked Saki. Thus, Yosuke "faces himself", allowing Izanagi to defeat the Shadow. Yosuke tells the Shadow, "I'm you...and you're me", transforming it into Yosuke's Persona, Jiraiya of the Magician Arcana. Yu and Yosuke then leave the Midnight Channel, much to the distraught Chie's relief (she charges them with buying her beefsteak and nikudon). After leaving Junes to go home, Yosuke tells Yu that he feels they might stand a chance of solving the case, saying, "I'm countin' on you." They shake hands, starting the Magician Social Link.

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