Persona 4 The Animation Episode 20 English Subbed

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"We'll all meet at the AMAGIYA Hotel"

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Episode Summary: In the Velvet Room, Margaret senses a light within their guest, which she determines is because of his acquisition of the Sun Arcana. She then sings the "Long-Nosed Man Song", which Igor is not pleased about, before she reminisces about her younger sister. Following the cultural festival, Dojima says that he is going out of town the next morning. Yukiko invites Yu and Nanako over to her family's inn, but the rest of the group ends up coming as well. Teddy is upset that the boys and girls are put in separate rooms, yet Kanji wonders why the boys' room looks so expensive. The boys are scared when the telephone suddenly rings, but it is just to inform them that the open-air bath is open, much to their relief. However, they are surprised to find the girls in the open-air bath already, consequently being hit by a barrage of buckets thrown at them before they retreat. It is then that Yukiko realizes that she got the allotted open-air bath times mixed up. Yukiko is later notified that a television crew wants to film a special regarding Yamano's death in the inn, but she refuses and tells them to leave. When the boys later prepare for bed, they hear a distant voice, so they decided to sneak into the girls' room and stay with them. However, the boys are shocked to see Hanako and Kashiwagi instead, running out of the room after the two literally throw themselves at the boys. Later on, Yu finds Yukiko still awake in the lobby. She says she is prepping for her innkeeper's license test, also telling him that after accepting her other self in the past, she realizes that she wants to help run her family's business rather than to leave the inn and live on her own. Late at night, Yu stares at a television set shut off while holding an envelope, which he received a week earlier. Inside the envelope, the letter says "don't save anyone anymore".

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