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Episode Summary: Naoto tells Yu that she cannot find out anything about the sender of the "Stop helping people" letter, but she knows that it was personally delivered so the sender knows who they are. Later, Naoto worries that she is more focused on solving the case than she is worried about Yu's safety like the rest of his friends. Yu arrives at home just as a delivery truck leaves, and as he and Nanako have dinner, a news piece about a local politician's visit to Nanako's school airs, with a mention of a student who impressed him. When Nanako feels sick, Yu puts her to bed, and promises her that they will build snowmen together before he goes back home. A week later, Yu sees an unknown figure on the Midnight Channel, and asks everyone to watch it the next night. Nanako seems to want to give something to Yu, but her illness interrupts her plans to give it to him. Dojima comes home, holding another letter for Yu, which states "If you don't stop, the next one to go in and die will be someone dear to you". Dojima, realizing that Yu has become too involved in the case, takes him to the police station for questioning, leaving Nanako home alone. At the police station, Yu reveals the nature of the TV world, the Shadows, and the Personas to Dojima, but Dojima thinks Yu is lying to him, and has him stay in the station overnight. At Junes, Yosuke gives Teddie a cellphone, and to show him how it works he calls Yu, but gets no answer. He then calls the Dojima household and talks to Nanako who reveals the events to Yosuke before she hangs up to answer the door. In the interrogation room, the Midnight Channel suddenly comes on and Yu is terrified when he sees the clear picture of the figure from the night before: Nanako. Elsewhere, Naoto has deduced that Nanako is the next target, as she was the student the politician spoke of, and the news papers worked hard to discover that it was Nanako who was spoken to. As Yu pleads to be let out, Yosuke, Kanji, and Teddie arrive at the police station to reveal that Nanako has gone missing. Dojima comes to see what is happening when Yosuke hands him his phone, with Naoto revealing that Nanako has been kidnapped by the serial killer. Dojima rushes out to try to cut off the culprit, leaving Adachi to deal with the boys, as the girls arrive as well. Naoto leads the group in realizing that the culprit must be someone with a large car that has a TV in the back, and Yu realizes it must be a delivery truck. Adachi realizes that Dojima has been looking at a suspect who was a councilman but now works at a delivery company, who Naoto realizes is Taro Namatame, a man who had an affair with first victim Mayumi Yamano. Adachi lets them free so he can tell Dojima that he was right in suspecting Namatame as the killer just as Namatame in his delivery truck passes by Dojima on the road. Dojima gives chase until Namatame intentionally causes a car wreck. As the Investigation Team is on the way to Junes, they pass by the car wreck to see Dojima hurt. Naoto finds an address book with details of the TV world as Chie discovers a TV in the back of the truck. In a blind rage, Yu attempts to rush into the TV to save Nanako, but Teddie stops him, knowing it could put him in danger, as well, and Rise talks some sense into him. Naoto discovers that Namatame wrote that he wants to save people, right before a page of all of their names and addresses on it, without Morooka's address, and the next page mentions Nanako. Yu sees a red envelope in the back of the truck containing a hand made ring Nanako made to congratulate him on his test scores. Dojima calls him over to ask him to save Nanako, like he said he could, as Nanako is all he has to live for. As the team makes it to Junes, ready to enter the TV world, Nanako is approached by Namatame, who tells her everything will be all right.

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