Persona 4 The Animation Episode 22 English Subbed

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"It's just like Heaven"

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Episode Summary: In the Velvet Room, Igor reads their guest's fortune, and Margaret discovers exactly what fate lies in store for their guest. The team enters the television world to find a beautiful realm that looks like Heaven, encountering Nanako in the custody of Namatame, who claims that he wanted them all to face their true selves, but why he did it in such a deadly manner is beyond them. Namatame summons many Shadows that transforms him into the Persona named Kunino-sagiri. Yu, blocking off the first round of attacks, is then possessed, having an antenna over his head, forcing him to attack his friends, repeatedly switching through many of his Personas. After hearing Nanako's voice, he finds the strength to destroy the antenna over his head and catches Nanako after Kunino-sagiri drops her. However, Kunino-sagiri then takes control of the others. Yu suddenly hears Dojima's voice to save Nanako, giving him the resolve to fuse four of his Personas into a power Persona named Kohryu in order to free his friends, who all combine their strengths to destroy Kunino-sagiri. Nanako then helps Yu summon another Persona named Sraosha to purify the area of the surrounding Shadows. Everyone returns to the real world to bring Nanako to the hospital, where she is placed in intensive care. A couple weeks later on a foggy morning, the news reports that Namatame is being interrogated for his actions, also being hospitalized. Yu lets the rest of the team know that they will be able to go to the hospital later to see Nanako, who is still recovering. Later, Adachi tells the group that Namatame tried to hit on Saki, which may have led to her death in the first place. When the group leaves the hospital, they hear people talking about how thick the fog has gotten lately. Much to their shock, when they put on their glasses, they are able to see through the fog, which could mean that the fog from the television world may be leaking into the real world. A week later, Teddie is saddened that he might have to return to the television world since the serial killer has finally been caught, but he wants to at least stay until Nanako fully recovers, which Yu permits. When Chie mentions how cold it has gotten, it reminds Yu that he promised to buy a new kotatsu for Nanako. They all plan to throw a party for Nanako for Christmas when suddenly Yu receives a call from Adachi that Nanako's condition has taken a turn for the worse. He heads to the hospital and sees Nanako just as she appears to die in front of him.

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