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"In Order to Find the Truth"
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Episode Summary: The team grieves after the apparent death of Nanako. The group enters Namatame's room, seemingly attempting to escape through a window. Namatame's Shadow then appears on the Midnight Channel on the television set, boasting that it will never cease its desire to "save" people. Yu first has the intention of pushing Namatame into the television set to face his own fate against his Shadow, but he then changes his mind. Although Yosuke is upset by this, Yu is not convinced that they have the full story just yet.[32] While the team discusses about what they know so far about this case, they realize that Teddie has gone missing. As they head outside, snow begins to fall, and everyone says goodbye to Yu and head back to their homes. Yu breaks down after remembering the promise he made with Nanako to play with her in the snow, and Yosuke returns to comfort him.[33] The next day, the team realizes that the warning letters that Yu previously received were not written by Namatame, who relates his discovery of the Midnight Channel and his ability to enter the television world. After first seeing Yamano on the Midnight Channel and learning of her death, he warned Saki about her appearance on it but failed to convince her of the danger. However, when Yukiko appeared on the channel, he decided to kidnap her and throw her into the television world, believing it was the one place the murderer would not be able to reach. He believed he was successful when Yukiko did not die, repeating this method with the other "victims" that had appeared on the channel. Teddie is shown wandering in a foggy street, saddened that he was unable to protect Nanako, and says farewell to her and the team. In the hospital room, where Nanako is being kept, Teddie's farewell to her is heard, and Nanako silently revives. Everyone is overjoyed to see that Nanako has miraculously revived, even though Teddie remains missing. Back home, a relieved Yu falls asleep, while his cellphone lights up on its own, revealing text messages from all of his friends. In the Velvet Room, Igor remarks on his long journey and how their guest has acquired many bonds along the way. Margaret reveals that the friendships their guest has gained has formed the Judgement Arcana.[34] She then expresses her jealousy at the bonds he has made, before realizing a bond has formed between herself and the guest as the Empress Arcana.[35] She remarks that their limousine will be parked for a while until they can figure out the next direction they will travel. The next day, at the Chinese Diner Aiya, the team meets to figure out who the real culprit is. Naoto steps out to get some air, and Yu goes to join her, but not before finishing the mega beef bowl for the first time, much to everyone's shock. After Yosuke joins them, the three each contemplate who the real killer could be with the knowledge they have, when Yu seems to have an epiphany as he stares up at the snowy sky.

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