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"The World is Full of Shit"
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Episode Summary: Teddie is in the Velvet Room where he reveals that he has discovered he is only a Shadow, but one that has acquired human emotions. He asks Yu to say goodbye to Nanako for him when he goes to Heaven, but Yu speaks to him and tells him Nanako is alive and well. Before Yu goes to the hospital, Yosuke expresses that he is both proud and jealous of how Yu has made friends, saying the only way he will feel better is if they become equals if they had a fight to let out all of their pent up emotions. Inside the Chinese Diner Aiya, the rest of the group discusses who the suspect might be, since he was seen at the Amagi Inn before and also would have also spoken to Saki in the past. At the hospital, Yu mentions to Yosuke that Mitsuo testified at trial that he blacked out in the police interrogation room right after turning himself in. They are met by Dojima and Adachi, who tells them that Namatame was already transported into holding, much to Dojima's anger. Yu and Yosuke interrogate Adachi concerning the cases regarding Yamano and Saki, but he gives no straight answer, also mentioning that he forgot to send the threat letter to the laboratory as evidence. When the rest of the group shows up, they believe that he must be the suspect, based on how he did not react when Morooka was not among the names of the victims that were written in Namatame's address book. A pressured Adachi runs into Namatame's dark and empty room, as the group are reminded that a television set is in there. Meanwhile, Teddie goes to see Nanako, who has dreamed that he disappeared but she could still hear his voice. In the television world, Adachi is nowhere to be found, and the group is glad to finally see Teddie again, who reveals what he has what he is. Encouraged by the others, Teddie senses that Adachi is inside the room with the noose. Adachi, who is a projection, reveals that the television and real worlds will soon merge, turning all humans into Shadows. They follow him to the shopping district, where he summons some Reapers in different places to attack them. As the group splits up to hold off the Reapers, the real story behind Adachi is unveiled. At the inn, Adachi had thrown Yamano into the television world after she rejected his advances. At the police station, Adachi had thrown Saki into the television world as well for rejecting his advances while he was interrogating her. Adachi says that Mitsuo's "arrest" and Namatame's "salvation" were just distractions for him to utilize in his "game", but it was interrupted when the group started to be involved in the case. He states to Yu that they should have a final showdown to determine who the television world prefers, as each of them summons their Personas, Yu's Izanagi versus Adachi's Magatsu Izanagi.

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